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About Carl

About Carl

About CarlAs an accomplished attorney, Carl has achieved success across various domains of the legal field. He began his practice in litigation, handling civil and criminal cases. Over time, he expanded his expertise, managing workers’ compensation cases with the Mastagni Law firm, followed by a role as staff counsel for Trans America Insurance Company.

Approximately two decades ago, he established his private practice, persistently advocating for injured individuals in workers’ compensation cases, as well as for clients in need of assistance with family law and estate law. In recent years, he has also served as an expert consultant to other law firms on challenging cases.

Carl attained his law degree from the highly regarded McGeorge School of Law and has maintained an unblemished record as a practicing professional in good standing with The California Bar for over 35 years. He resides in Sacramento with his wife Sabine and their 3 beloved cats.

Carl Mandabach


  • Extensive experience in private practice including the areas of workers’ compensation and criminal, family, and estate law

  • Expert consultant to various law firms on challenging cases

  • Staff counsel Transamerica Insurance Company

  • Trial attorney with Indigent Defense Panel

  • Attorney with Mastagni Law firm representing injured fire fighters


  • Carl Mandabach is an excellent attorney that you would most definitely want to represent your case he is very professional and dependable. I would most definitely recommend 10/10.

    John R.

  • I would like to say that this is the best workman compensation attorney. From day one Mr. Carl put everything into helping me out with my case. If [you] need a good attorney that will be on your side and [fight] for you day in and day out Carl is your man.


  • Mr. Mandabach is one of the best attorneys I know. He took my case when none of the big shots would take it. And he won my case. I would refer Mr. Mandabach to any person.

    Marvin S.

  • Outstanding Workers' Comp & Social Security attorney. I retained Mr. Carl Mandabach to represent me against my employer of 20 years in an ugly Workers' Compensation fight in 2012. He was highly professional, knowledgeable in the Law and demonstrated strong work and moral ethics. Mr. Mandabach presented a forceful and persuasive argument under extremely difficult circumstances. He consistently fought for me and his diligence resulted in a sizable settlement for our side. Again, in 2014 Mr. Mandabach represented me when I had a dispute with the Social Security Administration. He worked my case and stuck with it until he succeeded in securing permanent disability status for me. This "win" was a life-changing event for me and happened because of his caring and expertise dealing with the Social Security system. I consider Mr. Carl Mandabach one of the finest, most competent attorneys in the greater Sacramento area and would not hesitate to call on him for legal assistance in the future.

    Lucinda R.

  • Carl represented me in a workers' compensation claim. Although I was injured on the job in motor vehicle accident, [the] workers' compensation insurance company fought my case. Carl took my case to trial and we won. Then he was able to settle my case for more money than I expected. He also represented me on a subsequent injury case and worked out a resolution. Carl is always responsive to my phone calls and he fought hard for me.

    Robert W.

  • Carl took over my workers' compensation case and handled all communication with the insurance company and their lawyers. He was quick to respond to my questions and he was in communication with my civil lawyers. Carl talked to the civil lawyers to make sure that what we did in the work comp case did not harm my civil case. I got a good result in both cases thanks to Carl and my civil attorney's efforts.

    Shanon H.

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    Sacramento, CA 95818
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (916) 606-1967
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